Trappe Borough Tax Collector, Montgomery County PA

Per Capita Tax

Effective with the fiscal school year beginning on 7/1/14, per capita tax bills will no longer be mailed.  The Perkiomen Valley School District has eliminated this tax.

Act 511 flat rate of $10.00  and

Act 679, flat rate of $5.00

All residents who achieve the age of eighteen (18) years on or before July 1 of each fiscal year shall be required to pay per capita taxes for such years as established by the Board.  The tax is due and payable for residents as of July1 and all incoming residents through December 31, except those who have paid in another district. The per capita tax is an annual tax and is not prorated for any reason.

Formally the PVSD Occupational/Per Capita Tax (11/3/09 election voted in favor of eliminating the occupational portion of this tax to be effective 2010-2011 fiscal school year)

Those requesting an exoneration form they can be found at .  Forms can also be downloaded under the links tab of this site. Please complete in its entirely and return with required documentation and original bill.  Exonerations must be completed with 90 days of July 1.