Trappe Borough Tax Collector, Montgomery County PA


General Questions

  1. What do you collect?

    I only collect the real estate taxes for Montgomery County, Trappe Borough and the  Perkiomen Valley School District.

  2. How do I obtain a receipt for my taxes I just paid.

    If paying by mail, you must enclose the full bill (both the taxpayers & tax collector's copy of the bill and a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment. If paying in person, you must bring the full bill (taxpayers & tax collector's copy) and a stamped paid receipt will be given in person.

    • I have many bills stamped paid but no envelopes to return in, and many more envelopes but do not have your portion of the bill to mail back.

    If you follow the directions above, you will receive a return receipt.

  3. Do you collect Earned Income?

    No, I do not collect Earned Income. Earned Income is collected by the "Appointed" Tax collector which is Berkheimer.

    I cannot answer any questions reqarding the EIT, please contact them directly at

  4. When are the bills mailed?

    County Real Estate bills are mailed March 1st.

    School Real Estate  bills are mailed July 1st.

    • If you have not received within 2 weeks after mail date, please contact me to confirm the correct mailing address. Please remember to double check, sometimes it could be mixed in with your junk mail or magazines. If after two weeks you need to request another bill you will need to submit the duplicate bill fee.


  5. When are my taxes due?

    County/Borough Real Estate taxes are due on or before June 30th but if they are paid by April 30th there is a 2% discount allowed. Taxes paid after June 30th will have a 10% penalty applied.

    School Real Estate tax is due on or before October 31st but if they are paid by August 31st there is a 2% discount allowed. Taxes paid after October 31st will have a 10% penalty applied.

    Taxes not paid on or before Dec 31st will be forwarded to the appropriate taxing authorities for collection.


  6. Do you accept payments postmarked on the due date?

    Yes, however if a payment is received after the due date and the postmark is illegible or is after the due date it will be considered a late payment and your payment will be returned to you for the additional amount

    • This office is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. To be sure your payment is made on time, please allow ample time for delivery by mail.

    Please note that if you are making a payment through your online banking, the e-checks that are issued are mailed WITHOUT a postmark date.  You will also need to forward the tax bill in order for payment to be applied.  E-checks receive with no tax bill WILL BE RETURNED.  Date you issued your e-check is not necessarily the date it is mailed. Postmark rule is followed.

  7. Do you accept credit cards?

    At this time credit cards are not accepted by the Trappe Tax Collector

  8. What types of payments do you accept?

    Personal Check, certified/bank check and money order. Cash will be accepted providing you have exact change and must be made in person.

    Cash payments exceeding or expected to exceed $10,000.00 will be required to complete IRS Form 8300. NO EXCEPTIONS or cash will not be excepted.

    DO NOT place cash in the drop box located at Boro Hall.

  9. I took my payment to Borough Hall and they would not accept it. Why?

    The elected Tax Collector or Duly Appointed Deputy (in the event I am incapacitated is the only person able to accept taxes for which they are elected to receive.  

  10. Where is my paid receipt?

    By law I am required to provide a receipt if you followed the instructions requesting one.

    • If you did not follow instructions you will not receive one. My record keeping shows if you were mailed a receipt, it also shows if you did not follow instructions.
  11. Where can I pay my bills in person?

    You may pay your bill in person at Trappe Borough Hall located at 525 W. Main Street, Trappe during the collections hours listed on your tax bill.

  12. Can I come to your home?

    No, please DO NOT come to my home to make your tax payment. First and foremost,  I do not have provisions that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act nor do I have provision as required by law to accept payments at my home.

    This also applies to dropping you payment in my mailbox.  Please do not place your payment in my mailbox.  Instances have occurred where payments were taken out by the mail carrier thinking this was outgoing mail.

    Be courteous and respectful with regards to privacy and personal property o the Tax Collector.

    NOTE:  The U.S. Postal Service would like to warn people that only authorized U.S. Postal Service delivery personnel are allowed to place items in a mailbox. By law, a mailbox is intended only for receipt of postage-paid U.S. Mail.

  13. I tried to call many times during collection hours and you never answer. Why?

    If you are calling the tax phone number, that rings at a different loation. I do not have access to a phone during collection hours at Borough Hall.

  14. What needs to be included when making a online banking service for my checks?

    Tax bills MUST be submitted when making online payments. Tax collectors are required to "stamp the bill paid" when accepting payment. Please mail your tax bill stating when online payment will be made and it will be matched up with your payment when received.  NEW FOR 2015 - all tax bills will contain a barcode, payments received will be scanned in order to post your payment.

    You should also do the following when using online banking services to pay your taxes, in the memo section you MUST include your parcel/pin number (12 digits starting with 2300) for property taxes.

    If payment cannot be CLEARLY identified it will be returned. Your name and address are not clear indications of what you are paying.

    TAX BILLS MUST BE SENT IN PRIOR TO MAKING YOUR ONLINE PAYMENT SO THAT I HAVE THE TAX BILL WHEN YOUR E-CHECK IS RECEIVED.  If tax bill is not received prior, your check will be returned so you can resubmit with the bill.

  15. Can you waive penalty fees?

    NO. Absolutely not.    I do not have the authority to waive the additional fees or penalties if your taxes are late (whether they were mailed & received late, or if I needed to return your payment because it was incorrectly written)

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Real Estate Questions

  1. I sold my house and my name is still on the tax bill. Why?

    The information to prepare the tax bills is received from the Montgomery County records 4-5 weeks before your tax bill is mailed. Therefore, whatever the records reflect as of January or May will be the information used to prepare the bills.

    • For example, if you sell/buy a house on May17th the new deed may not be recorded until May 27th which is after the information is pulled for the upcoming bills and so the bill will show the name(s) of the former owner.


  2. Can you change the address on my bill?

    Yes I can make a "mailing address" change. The change must be submitted at least 1 month before the next billing period in order for it to be updated in the County's records.

    • As of June 2010 the Board of Assessment Appeals requires that all requests MUST be in writing.
    • Requests must not only include the parcel number, property address, property owner's name(s), old mailing address and new mailing address but also MUST include a phone number, reason for the change and notification if the domicile has changed.

    This information can be emailed or mailed to me in order to make the change foryou.



  3. Can you change or delete a name on the bill?

    NO. Names cannot be changed - unless it is truly a misspelled name. The name on your bills comes from the County records which match the deed to your property, therefore the name on your bill cannot be removed or changed unless a new deed is recorded.

    The name of a deceased person can be removed - you will need to contact the recorder of deeds in Montgomery County and provide copy of the death certificate.  Please contact them directly and I will be notified. 

  4. How is the assessment on my home determined?

    Trappe Borough does not assess homes, this is done at the County level. Questions on this matter should be directed to the Montgomery County Board of Assessment Office at 610-278-3761 or

    • Click on Doing Business, Departments then Assessment Appeals
  5. I have no children in the school district why do I have to pay taxes?

    School real estate taxes are to be assessed to everyone who owns property within the district's boundaries. Property taxes are based on the value of your property. Property values are determined by the Montgomery County Board of Assessments. At this time if you own property, you are required to pay school real estate taxes whether you have children in the district or not. It's the law.

  6. My property taxes are too high, how can they be lowered?

    With the decline in real estate values, many homeowners have opted to appeal their property assessments. Property tax appeal forms can be found at  . There is a fee to have your appeal reviewed, so make sure you have done your homework and can substantiate your appeal.

  7. What is the Homestead Exclusion?

    Under a homestead or farmstead property tax exclusion, the assessed value of each homestead or farmstead is reduced by the amount of exclusion before the property tax is computed.

    (The 2012-2013 homestead excluson rate was $7,192.00).

    The 2013 - 2014 homestead exclusion rate is $6,823.00.

    In order for you, as a property owner, to qualify and receive a property tax you must file a homestead or farmstead exclusion application with the Board of Assessment Appeals and your application must be approved. Only your primary residence, the dwelling that you own and live in, can qualify as a homestead. You cannot claim a homestead in another county or state.

    As of current year (if qualified) example:

    current assessment value $180,000.00

    less current homestead of $  6,823.00

    Net Taxable Assessment $ 173,177.00


  8. I am a Disabled Veternan, how do I apply for exemption?

    You may qualify for exemption, please follow the link below for information

  9. Do you have information on the Property Tax/Rent Rebate?

    The income eligibility level for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program has been raised from $15,000 a year to $35,000 a year, excluding half of Social Security income, and the maximum rebate was increased from $500 to $650 for homeowners. Claimants or spouses 65 years of age or older; widows or widowers 50 years of age or older; and the permanently disabled 18 years of age or older may qualify for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program.

    Please visit the following link for additional information and forms.

  10. How do installment for the school tax work?

    You may have the option to payment in installments. If you choice the installment option, you are waiving your option for any discounts.

    The first school installment must be received by August 31st.

    If the first installment is not received, this will void future installments for the year.

    Second installment must be received by October 31st. If you pay after October 31st you must pay the 10% penalty amount,

    Third installment is due on December 31st (post mark rule does not apply), If not received, outstanding balance with 10% penalty will be liend.

    **** You cannot pay your first installment in early July and decide in August you want to pay the remaining two and still receive the discount. If the first installment was received and posted, you cannot take advance of any discounts, although you can prepay the remaining two installments ahead of schedule*****

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Per Capita Questions

  1. I am disabled can I be exonerated from the Per Capita?

    Yes, if you are totally disabled and can provide a doctor's note or copy of your Social Security Disability letter. Please attach to completed exoneration form entire bill and mail back to the PO Box listed on the bill.

  2. I no longer live in Trappe what do I do now?

    If you no longer live within the school district you will need to complete an exoneration form. Please attach documentation indicating, name, address and date prior to billing date - examples: utility bill, settlement sheet, drivers license)


  3. I am a student, can I be exonerated?

    If you are a full time college student you do not need to pay and can be exonerated.. You must complete the exoneration form and attach a statement from your school verifying full-time stauts (12 credits+/semester).

    If you are a high school student, you will also need to complete the exoneration form and under the section "other" list the high school in which you attend.


  4. I am in the Armed Services, can I be exonerated?

    If you are an active member of the Armed Services, you can be exonerated. Please complete the exoneration form listing your Brand and expected discharge and attached required proof.

    Mail back to the PO Box listed on the bill along with completed form, required documentation and entire bill.

  5. I am on Public Assistance or my income is low, can I be exonerated?

    Yes if you are on Public Assistance. Please complete the exoneration form, attach current copy of your cash assistance or current review form, entire bill and mail to PO Box listed on bill.

    If your family's annual income from all sources is less than $12,000.00 per adult (over 18.) you can be exonerated. You must attach copy of your Federal Tax Return, complete exoneration form and entire bill and mail to PO Box listed on bill.

  6. I am receiving unemployement compensation do I still need to pay?

    If you are receiving more than $12,000.00 from all sources per adult living in the household over 18, you are responsibile to pay.

  7. Where can I get an exoneration form?

    Exoneration forms may be found at

    •Click on Departments, Business Office thenTax Info

    Forms can also be picked up during collection hours at Boro Hall, or mailed upon request.

    When requesting an exoneration, please complete exoneration form, attach required documentation & entire bill and make back to the PO box on the tax bill.


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